Wednesday, January 31, 2007

This is the third version of this post as I have been chopping and changing the main theme of what I was going to type about. Obviously its going to be West Ham related but about what? Disillusionment? The Liverpool game? Or something based along the lines of the conversation I had with my friend Liam as we walked away from the ground last night?

I have gone for the conversation but just going to briefly type about the other two. Two nights ago was the first time I thought about returning my season ticket before the seasons end. This was down to the Mascherano business (which the Daily Mail had broken that day) and the fact that the club were in real dire straights. I have come to the conclusion that handing back the ticket is a bad idea and that while I can obviously agree or disagree with what happens, I have to support the club in this time of struggle. That leads onto the Liverpool game and well, what were people expecting? A draw and I would have been over the moon. Saying that a draw against Liverpool at any time of the season and in any situation (apart from needing a win to stay up) and I would have been very happy. Anyway the game was easy at times for Liverpool and they could easily pass the ball but the major worry was the selection of Roy Carroll in goal and the lack of communication between the back four. The signing today of Matthew Upson goes a long way to adding real quality to the back but now I want to talk about the main point of this post.

If West Ham are to be relegated we will go straight back up under the current situation. Call me bias but these are my reasons. If relegated we will be the strongest side in the championship in terms of players and finance. Players will leave obviously but the cream of the lower league teams would be available to us for the pure lure of money, but then again there could be the lure of playing for “a big club” but that’s not going to be true in most cases. Bench warmers in the Premiership would be willing to drop down for a short while and these reasons can be linked to the way Birmingham have been playing and buying this season. Talented loan signings and big money buys of the best of the Championship in players like McSheffrey have seen them placed in 2nd place with two games in hand. Just to say, typing this is not me saying I feel totally comfortable with doing such a thing but that’s what you get in a takeover, a big investment of cash and an elevation of your status in a financial sense, which is a big lure to some. Relegation would hurt and your rivals will taunt you but I say that it would be one year in the lower league, rather then two like last time. It’s a shame though that if it does happen that the players have let themselves and the club down.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Well just when you think your side turns a corner, they go and turn in another poor performance that is on par with Portsmouth at home and Chesterfield away in the Carling Cup. For a time in the Newcastle game we had played so well and looked so full of confidence and then we played Watford in the cup. Lacklustre, poor, defeatist are just some of the words I can think of and on top of all that, a howler from Roy Carroll. With Liverpool at home in the league tomorrow a hard game has gotten even harder. Neill now out for 3 weeks, rather then the 6 that Five Live reported over the weekend and with most of our first line defence out either through injury and apparent disagreements with Curbishley (ie Robert Green) we looked screwed. Then again it’s a big match so the players will for sure be up for that. Shame they have not been up for Reading at home and other such games.

Anyway, onto club and country. Alex McLeish has been named as the new Scotland manager and that has got me thinking about the way Walter Smith left his job with the national side. Smith left Scotland to go back to the side he had managed in the 90’s and to me that is a betrayal of his nation but it’s a tough one. From a career point of view, the offer comes once in a while but the man the chance to lead your nation is a strong pull. However what would happen to Steve McClaren if the Man Utd job were to become available? I think he would take it as that opportunity does not come along every day but if McClaren were a liked manager then people would be up in arms about losing a talented manager. People would be more annoyed by the snub to the country and the fact it has happened. Just depends on the person really.

And to end to continue the break up of Hearts, their two best players are up for sale and wanted out of the door before the end of the transfer window. If I were a Hearts fan I would be putting the finishing touches to my protest plans.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

From the greats in the game to Ashley “Greedy Tweedy” Cole, everyone is having their say about the appointment of Michel Platini as the new head of UEFA. From watching Sky Sports News there is a massive contrast.

The majority of people who sent in texts and emails to be read by the newsreaders during the day supported Platini and many within the game did not. Here is the reason why:

Platini wants to take a place away from Italy, Germany, Spain and England in the champion’s league.

I personally think he will not have an easy ride with this election pledge as the G14 (oh what a wonderful body that is representing football on a wider scale) will move itself to block proposals. Alex Ferguson has “warned” Platini against changing the format of the cup, saying its fine as it is and the competition gets exciting when the big clubs come up against one another from the big countries. That’s completely fair isn’t it? Oh Man Utd would be down £500,000 or so if the champions of a lesser league were allowed to rightfully be in the competition. Oh woe is them. Seriously, what is he going to do? He can either help to utilise the G14 or just shut up. The arrogance of his comments about the big teams coming up against one another really has annoyed me. I personally think the champions league should be a knockout competition with the top sides and at a push the 2nd placed sides and no one else but that’s completely impractical as more games equals more money and that more money goes to the big sides that Ferguson loved to talk about so much yesterday. Also don’t forget Ferguson said that the competition only really starts in February, the knockout stage so is that a call to get rid of the group stage? Well not for him as he then goes on to say that its fine as it is. Make your mind up ol' red nose.

Funny how the people of the general public supported the idea of a fairer competition that could lead to mismatches but then again could provide FA Cup style shocks. Ashley Cole though said it would be a shame for the fans and that is was a bad idea. Obviously I am not an Arsenal fan but Cole is a dick who’s opinion I do not rate at all after the whole debacle of his move and his “book”.

The salary cap idea I think will be tested elsewhere, most likely in a newer league like the Bulgarian league. I say that because it’s too late for England. The Premiership is too far imbedded for such upheaval and while a salary cap promotes a fairer playing level for everyone it will be impractical to enforce. No one will want it (Gareth Southgate has already come out and say it wont work) and a number of clubs will be in big trouble in trying to fit into the new cap bracket if enforced.

Platini’s election victory has really shaken things up and good luck to him. Just ban Uriah Rennie from football anywhere and I will be happy.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

“Regarding crowds in the late 40’s I was among many fans2 locked out of several full grounds, despite holding around 70,000 fans.

Why cant we have safe, convertible standing areas as in some of the wonderful Bundsliga stadiums saving the vast millions being spent on new grounds seeking increased capacity.

It will also solve the increasing problem of many present fans standing.”

R Potter, Ilford.

For the majority of this comment from Ceefax page 359 on BBC, I agree. Not every old ground could hold 70,000 but many times throughout history people have been turned away and many stories can be told about jumping walls and standing on creates. Anyway an answer to the problem of standing for me is to introduce particular sections of the ground for people who want to stand and another answer is the one suggested. Stand Up Sit Down is a great organisation that is fighting with the different organisations to open a debate on the subject and to allow freedom of choice. Their website is:

And I suggest you have a goosy gander. They have much more information on what I have briefly touched on Anyway onto another topic, Lucas Neill signing. Call me bias and all that entails but Liverpool’s comments rebuking what Neill said in his press conference should be the end of the matter and for Liverpool to respond in such a way might make them look bitter about the whole matter. I am very pleased he has signed for us and will prove to be a solid right back and the best we have fielded there in five attempts (Dailly, Newton, Spector, Mears and Paintsil). Before I start to retread old ground Alan Curbishley talking about Matthew Upson on Sky Sports News is very interesting. Alan has stated that West Hams interest in the player is there and it is up to Birmingham what they do. He went on to say that if Birmingham closes the door on the matter then interest from West Ham would go elsewhere. Obviously Curbishley wants a centre back so at least one more player will be coming in before the transfer window closes.

Watford in the cup on Saturday will see me, my granddad and friend Steve (who really needs converting from the side he follows) watching us play and I think to build momentum and a better team understanding, we should field a first choice defence, but with Mark Noble playing in midfield to give us some bite and to ensure no injuries.

Two more (unWest Ham related) matters now. Since the England manager said that he wanted the under 21 role to be full time, Peter Taylor has been on borrowed time and with his stepping down today, the under 21’s have lost a great manager. Obviously he can now focus on his commitments with Crystal Palace and the rumours of Stuart Pearce being employed to fill the role are nonsense for the reason stated previously. Sammy Lee looks to be a good bet for the job.

And finally, how much more lucky can you get then Spurs in the UEFA Cup? From the matches I have seen and the score lines, no team has given them a proper contest so far (either due to lack of quality of lack of playing on the day) and now they could have a bye to the next round if the decision to throw Feynoord out of the cup is upheld
. And on that note goodbye.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Anyone who knows me and anyone who has read this blog will know my opinion about Uriah Rennie. Before Saturday he was an incompetent show pony who craves the centre of attention. After Saturday he is an incompetent, blind show pony that got the attention he craved. It could be down to the fact that other black refs are not trained to a high enough standard but Uriah’s constant use in the top flight of football looks only to be tokenism. After so many blunders, so much arrogance and a weight problem on a level with Frank Lampard, his use in the football league as a referee is wrong, plain wrong.

Despite Rennie’s best attempts, there was a game of football going on. That first half from West Ham was brilliant. We looked so solid in our shape and formation, sure of tackle and passing and looked like we were not breaking a sweat against a demoralised Newcastle. Then came Rennies moment in the sun, ignoring his linesman and giving a goal which goes against the altered laws on offside in relation to either being passive or active. That goal obviously unsettled us and Newcastle came out for the second half with great impetus and won the penalty which was a real shot in the foot from us. After the goal there was a short period of shakiness from us and then the game opened up much more with both sides having chances (Newcastle the greater amount). Two goals scored away from home, great! Not keeping the lead, bad. A point is a point and its one closer to survival and that counts. Davenport looked assured and solid which could prove to be a great signing for Curbishley in the end, only time will tell but from first looks he is hard to unsettle and confident enough in his play. Quashie's distribution was good and the midfield looked better for it with Reo-Coker playing like he gave a shit. A shit about what only time will tell.

Onto todays double signing. Neill has come in from Blackburn on a massive pay deal and Kepa the striker from Seville. I know sweet F.A about Kepa so can only wish him good luck but from the interview Neill gave to an Australian newspaper, the theory I applied to us potentially signing Lauren from Arsenal (who decided on going south to play for Portsmouth) has been used on Neill. In his interview he talk about being sold on the future of the club and the potential signings we want to make. Well unless, and to use his words here, he is blown away by Quashie and Davenport then there is more to come from the club so it’s a case of wait and see…..

Friday, January 19, 2007

It’s been a while but here is my second half report on the Newcastle game:

There you go. The lure of Celebrity Big Brother was too much and I spent the time flicking between the two. Well after the sending off that turned into a bit of a spanking which will have Newcastle smarting and wanting even more so to put it behind them by beating us.

I have not commented on the two forums I usually post on about the signing of Davenport as I wanted to think about it and now I have thought of it I feel he is a solid enough buy. He has played for Spurs on and off in his time at White Hart Lane so the premiership is not exactly a new experience and Davenport also has a trait we desperately needed. He is good in the air. Due to injuries to Collins, Ferdinand and Gabbidon, we can now field a centre back that can deal with the ariel threat and also play the ball solidly enough. Davenports signing has not set the world alight but I think it’s a good signing for the situation we are in at the moment and he has been saying all the right things. On face value, that can only endear him to the fans.

Tonight I read that Feyenoord has been thrown out of the UEFA Cup due to the violence that took place at the UEFA group match at French club Nancy. Now they have been thrown out, what’s to happen to Tottenham who were meant to be playing them? Unless the forth placed team in Feyenoord’s UEFA Cup group is reinstated (which I don’t think will happen) then Spurs face a bye to the next round. Lucky bastards.

Man Utd have made another bid for Owen Haregreaves and on his new BBC page, he has gushed about how much an honour such a bid is. Keep in mind he wanted to go to Man Utd in the summer and he was wanted in Manchester, only for Bayern to refuse. I can see this transfer going ahead but not now, the summer will be when he moves (unless I am proved wrong which mostly likely will happen).

And now for something ground breaking… I am going to type about something that isn’t football! Now I have kept quite over what happened in the Ashes and everything else involved with the tour to Australia as it was depressing for the most of it but when I read that Darren Gough was told he was out of England plans for the upcoming Cricket World Cup by text and Geraint Jones’s wife looked online to find the same result as Darren then I was a bit dumbfounded. What ever happened to picking up the phone and saying “Your not in the plans. Sorry”. Great work ECB.

To end I am back onto the football and Pedro Mendes’ comments about refusing to acknowledge Ben Thatcher at tomorrows game. The “tackle” was serious enough to warrant the extended ban it got but on one hand shouldn’t Pedro forgive and forget? I think he is correct in what he has said and the best thing to do is to help your side win the game and not seek out Thatcher for retribution or anything of that kind.

For tomorrow: Come on you irons!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Well this is typed up at half time during the Newcastle vs. Birmingham match and with Newcastle away coming upon Saturday, I might as well post some of my half time thoughts that I have written down.

Newcastle look sluggish and tired. Glen Roader has stuck with the same side that started the match against Tottenham on Sunday so that looks to be the obvious reason for tiredness. But then again, what could Newcastle do? On the bench is a mixture of 16 and 19 year olds, as they do not have anyone else. This is obviously to West Hams advantage.

Newcastle have also been unsettled from crosses and balls into the area (West Ham’s BIG problems of the season) so it makes a refreshing change. Balls into the area for Cole to challenge for? More like Harewood the way things are going.

James Milner when on the ball has been Newcastle’s main outlet for runs down the wing and for taking players on. It might just be down to tactical reasons and that Sadler is playing but the over reliance of the first half hour showed no real penetration from midfield elsewhere.

James Patterson loves to get forward during normal play and twice he has been caught up field and out of position. West Ham will have to take advantage of this by obviously defending and then clearing the ball into that channel.

Lastly Martins when ever on the ball in and around the box has been closed down FAST! If West Ham are to get anything at all or even come away from St James Park with at least some dignity then this is vital!

Will do full time thoughts. But then again that’s “racism” on big brother so tempted to change between the two.

Monday, January 15, 2007

As promised to Liam, Yes I indeed am carrying Yossi Benayoun’s children after his goal line clearance in extra time (and his two goals) but even the joy of carrying children was very short lived as West Ham conceded a killer third goal to Fulham, which left the game at 3-3. A lot has been said and now here is my post-mortem of the game.

We cannot defend set plays and crosses (dur!). It is a problem West Ham have had for as long as I can remember but in three of the last four premiership games, we have conceded from crosses or balls into the area which are defendable. Gabbidon was not in line with the rest of his defence, giving more space for Fulham on the wing to get the ball in and score their second. Non-existent marking got Fulham their first and this is a massive problem for us. Alan Curbishley has had enough time to watch his players in training and match situations and he has to see that the current crop of defenders are in part low in confidence and for others not good enough. Collins injury to me is most likely the same one he carried into the game, just that it flared up. Gabbidon during the match was a blow but with Anton back, it looks like Dailly will partner him. No offence to football genius but he is not good enough. The lack of quality (second point to be made) among the squad is shocking and all of last seasons success now looks more and more like players riding the crest of a wave, hiding the real problem. What now? A commanding defender who is proven in top-flight football. A leader? Not the most essential quality because the quality of the player in doing the basics of defending is more important to me. Lucas Neil? Apart from his Mi**wall connection, yes please (depends on him though). No one really knows who else is available cause of managers contact each other obviously not the general public so it’s a case of wait and see but extra and particular focus has to be put on defending set pieces before we travel to Newcastle.

Second point, squad quality. I mentioned Dailly before and credit to him, he tries his hardest and gives his all but his all is not good enough to stay up. Shawn Newton (that’s another point there) is not good enough, Harewood? Down on confidence and whilst capable of providing a moment of quality (FA Cup Semi Final) it doesn’t look like he is up for it unless it’s a big four team. Konchesky? Nothing at all like he was at last year, absolutely shocking at times. When Curbishley came in to me it looked obvious that he was gone as the rumours of not getting along resurfaced and you have to ask yourself while Curbishley when at Charlton sold Konchesky to West Ham. This is not just a blanket slagging off of the side but either a massive shake up is needed or a large kick up the arse. The kick up the arse came at Reading and with the defending on Saturday, it has not worked.

Third point, the substitution of Gabbidon. Subbing him wasn’t the problem as he was injured and needed to come off, the thing that got me was Shawn Newton came on. Now Gabbidon was limping for a long time and Curbishley could easily see that was the case and had Shawn Newton on the side stripped and ready to come on. He had more then enough time to change his mind and bring on Hayden Mullins. Shawn Newton is short, as short as my mum is. Now slotting him in at right back and asking him to do what? Bomb down the wing? Fair enough when we are attacking but what about defending crosses, our achilles heel at the moment? No use at all. Guess what Fulham did? Put balls into the area.

Forth and final as I think I am beginning to sound a bit pretentious, it was an entertaining game but not one you can watch at the time and know which was it was to go. West Ham always play an open game which allows the other side to play but I felt we allowed Fulham at times too much time on the ball and too much space. I am losing the will to continue typing so I wont go further into that or type about Mr Poll.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Three small tidbits:

Might as well start off with one of the biggest news stories of the year so far (in football) and that is David Beckham's move to LA Galaxy. To repeat what has been typed and said elsewhere the amount being given to Beckham in his contract is an obscene amount of money and at the age of 31 to me it spells the end of Beckham at international level (if that was not obvious already) and the end of Beckham as a force in football around the world. Granted he will still be rich and famous but a move to America is more of a tie in to the Hollywood lifestyle and even bigger contracts for products, rather then footballing reasons. Granted he can still spray the ball around well and hit a great dead ball but he is not the biggest fish in a very small pond where only a few others have the potential to become world stars. Also at 31 and with a $250 million dollar contract, where is his motivation to play elsewhere and a suitor who is willing to stump up such an amount if he was to leave LA Galaxy? Good luck to him.

I read yesterday that Wenger will let Lauren leave the club. If West Ham was to get him then brilliant! His level of quality is something we desperately need but does he have the motivation and hunger for the fight? 29 years is not too old but the main selling point of a move to East London has to be the strength of future plans and money, rather then a wish from Lauren to play for the club where he stood on the North Bank as a kid ( ;) )

Is Mourinho being forced out of Chelsea? Well rumour is rampant across all the tabloids and I tend to believe that he is indeed being forced out. Roman Abramovich has already said Chelsea in the future should get by on its youth players and from recent comments from Jose about little to no investment in the January transfer window, it could be Roman’s way of forcing Jose out the door in the summer. Gus Hiddink has been mooted in recent days and Jose might not even be forced out but a club with the billions of Chelsea not investing? Something smells rotten in the state of Denmark.

Cheers and here’s to hoping we get three points against Fulham.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Sorry for neglecting the blog a bit, I promise I will now post more regularly now, seeing as my uni work for the 8th was all handed in and now I have the rest of the month to start background work and typing on my dissertation. But for now I will talk about, surprise surprise, West Ham.

(That’s another promise; I will start to talk about more general football issues after this one along with talking about West Ham.)

Since my last time, we have signed two players and won an FA Cup match at home to Brighton 3-0. In the first half both sides looked poor and there was not much to write back home about. The second half however saw West Ham step up a gear and play the way they are capable of and should have been playing much earlier in the season. Boa Morte directed play on the left and moved inside at time4s to great affect. Benayoun and Tevez on the right were brilliant. The link up play and feeding off one another was top notch and heartening to see going into the massive home game against Fulham. The icing on the cake though as Mark Nobel’s goal. Anyone that knows me will know how much I love the guy and the commitment he (and Tevez) put into the tackles and general play was the kind of leadership and guts we were missing when Reading stuck six past us.

In my last post I said:

“Nigel Quashie is another name that has been mentioned. Relegated a number of times and in the last two seasons for two different clubs. Beyond that I have seen him put in some good battling performances but he isn’t in my opinion of the quality we need to get ourselves out of the mess we are in.”

And I stick by it. He is another body to the squad and fits the Curbishley bill of leadership and experience but at £1.5 million (rising to £1.75 depending on survival/promotion) I think we have paid too much. The club is not exactly strapped for cash now but for me, £750,000 would have been fairer but that’s just splitting hairs. I wish him luck but just hope long term plans are not being made with Quashie as a focal point.

The transfer rumour mill has continued to spin with talk of Lauren and Freddie Ljungberg potential targets. Neither will happen in a million years and if they do I will… well I do not know what I would do but some of the talk about Joe Cole as well will never happen in a million years. Day ten of January and with two signings under Curbishleys belt, there have been no exits. Anton Ferdinand has been linked to Spurs and Newcastle, Reo-Coker’s agent linking him to any of the top clubs and Etherington was the rumoured makeweight in a deal for Boa Morte (one which proved to be untrue). Who knows what’s going to happen but one thing that’s for sure is Javier Mascherano will never again play in a claret and blue shirt. The two things he will be remembered the most for is for the way he will be considered a flop and to an extent he has been but not through fault of his own and for the “Comical nibble” from little shit Defoe. He wont play for Liverpool as the rumours go as that would be against FIFA ruling about playing for multiple clubs but he will never play for us again. Also as he has not played since Chesterfield in the Carling Cup, it would seem that time is also up on John Paintsil.

Who knows though? Its not as if I have been right all the time (or even once :P)

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Double post. Sorry.
Harry Redknapp stated in an interview for Sky Sports News that he had spoken to Alan Curbishley yesterday (January 3rd) for an innocent chat and with regards to rumours about a Portsmouth bid for Yossi Benayoun, Harry said “The lads name never came up”. That might be true but apart from a general chitchat did any other players names come up? If that was the case then I feel it would be Portsmouth enquiring, rather then West Ham but as with a lot of transfer rumours it’s a lot of hot wind.

Speaking of Portsmouth, their takeover took place around this time in 2006 and the funds that Harry was given was used to bulk buy squad players at Tottenham and to finance loan players from abroad, most noticeably Andres D’Alessandro from Wolfsburg in Germany. He provided a lot of quality to Portsmouth and the creative spark they needed, that along with the new work ethic instilled by Harry’s return and some battling performances, Portsmouth survived that season. What I am getting at here is could the same now happen with West Ham? Could there be players on the continent that need a game and are willing to come to the Premiership? Is there a mid to top of the table side who has an enlarged squad that would not suffer with the loss of a squad player or two? Who knows but the Portsmouth modal of last season (the 2nd half anyway) I think is a good example to follow, however does Curbishley have the same experience as Harry in wheeling and dealing. Obviously he is not the same kind of man as Harry and Curbishleys buying record at Charlton is a bit hit and miss but now is the time to knock that on the head.

And to start is the reported bid (in the Sun) that West Ham has bid £9.8 million for Shawn Wright-Phillips. IF he were to come to Upton Park then at last we would have a genuine right-sided midfielder for the first time in a long time. However his interview after the Levski Sofia game in the Champions League back in November was one where he said he did not want to go and that he is loved at Chelsea and he loves being there. At the end of the Sun article is a rumour that Newcastle might offer SWP a six month loan deal which might be more appealing to Chelsea but neither the West Ham, nor Newcastle move will go through if Chelsea do not bring someone in as Joe Cole and Robben are both currently out injured.

The other names West Ham in recent days have been linked with are John Hartson and Mark Viduka. That certainly deals with Curbishleys words after the Reading defeat in which he said the West Ham squad need’s experience. However Viduka is a great finisher… when he can be bothered to get into a match and Hartson might well be playing at a level he is accustomed to and a move to a premiership club might come off bad for him and any club he signs for. Nigel Quashie is another name that has been mentioned. Relegated a number of times and in the last two seasons for two different clubs. Beyond that I have seen him out in some good battling performances but he isn’t in my opinion of the quality we need to get ourselves out of the mess we are in. Lucas Neil is out of contract in the summer but unless a move was for money, why would he come to a struggling club when reported interest from Liverpool and Barcelona (!) is never far away when his name is mentioned in the written press.

Watching Sky Sports News, Fulham were unveiling their new striker in Vincenzo Montella. but within the same report was news that Collins John had handed in a transfer request and that Fulham had already accepted a transfer offer from a fellow premiership club. Apart from the fact he is young and would not fit in with the previously mentioned “Experience needed” comments from Curbishley, he would be a quality signing for the Hammers. Still a diamond in the rough but with great finishes like the goal away to Middlesboro last season, he is capable of scoring but my feeling is that he might actually end up at either Wigan or Middlesboro, seeing as Massimo Maccarone wants to leave and Wigan are looking for another forward. Another player along with Neil who is out of contract in the summer is Sylvan Distan at Manchester City. Apart from being slightly error prone, he would be a quality signing for his defensive duties and his ability to head the ball etc. However in the press conference Stuart Pearce gave, he mentioned that Distain’s agents are happy with the contract on offer so you do have to wonder what the delay in that saga is.

So who else is out there and is realistic? Zoltan Gera at West Brom would be a good signing for me. Can play the right side of midfield and in the centre and in my opinion is underrated. Greg Halford is young and possibly available depending on what you read but that seems like a no go. Then there is Ashley Young at Watford. Today Boothroyd said that Young would not be leaving for now and when he does it would have to be a financial package for Watford future. Obviously Watford will not sell to a relegation rival when in the summer Watford could just as easily sell to a top of the table side. Checking out to find correct spellings for players for this post, I have come across this:

article on Sulley Ali Muntari. From what I have seen he really does look like a quality player who could fit into the “Viera mold” so to speak. Interest is reported from Portsmouth and Boro so investigating this might not be in the worst interests of West Ham but once again it all depends on if a player wants to come to a struggling club so it looks very unlikely.

All in all no one apart from those involved really know who is available so we will just have to wait and see. Just hope this does not mean the likes of Matt Holland comes in.

(Sorry for being lazy with links to articles, as I say I am being lazy)

Monday, January 01, 2007

Manchester City came and went. A piss poor game that neither side deserved to win but City did. Can't say much more so will post the original post I created:

Hello there and a Happy New Year. There is only one thing I can really think of discussing is the away match from today. 6-0.

6 crosses and 6 goals, you have to feel sorry for Robert Green. He stood behind a leaky defence in Norwich’s premiership season but this takes the biscuit really. Such a poor performance that was riddled with mistakes and easy goals, you have to really worry.

But I am not. Sure we have been spanked 4-0 and 6-0 this season, gone out at the first hurdle in the UEFA and Carling Cups but if you let it get you down then, well you will be in a constant state of depression. The support was excellent today. The first half had banter between both sets of fans but most of it was between the Hammers and the East stand occupants. The second half and 4-0 down was a constant wall of sound with “We are West Ham’s Claret and Blue Army” for about 10-15minutes. Even when Reading scored their 5th goal the chant continued during and after the Reading fans had sat down (watch out for that one on MOTD). A hokey cokey, a conga line and a 6th goal later the fans started to turn on the players, booing every touch from a West Ham player for a while and a chant of “You’re not fit to wear the shirt”.

What now for West Ham? Well Pardew was sacked on the basis of poor performances and player attitudes so what’s the difference now? Well the January window is obviously open so now is the time to ship in and ship out players who Curbishley feels is not doing the job. But then again, is Curbishleys job safe? Up to you Eggy. Brighton at home on the 6th and a chance for squad players? Or maybe a wake up call for the likes of Harewood, Zamora and Gabbidon (who looks short of full fitness) that this will be the last game for them in a while.

As a West Ham fan, all you can do at times is laugh.